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Quick Review

My name is Ramiro Ramirez, but everyone calls me Mido.

In 2002, I completed my studies in Audio-visual Design at Universidad de Palermo, in Buenos Aires. That was when my journey began; a journey that took me to different places, that provided me a great deal of experience and from which i learned many different things.

I learned to play the guitar, and together with a friend, we started a band called "The Candles". During that same time, we worked as freelance designers for different companies, taking care of everything from building websites, creating stationery and handling corporate image to print advertising. This entrepreneurial undertaking was called " Dolly Dagger", after Jimi Hendrix's legendary and mythical song. 
Rock ran deep into our blood and left a mark on everything we did. In April of 2004, I got my degree in Audio-Visual Desing, and throughout that entire year, my friend Fede and I continued to rock with The Candles and Dolly Dagger. This first stage of my life lasted two years.

In late 2004, I started working as a sales person for Prune (a brand of leather handbags, shoes and coats), flirting with fashion for the very first time. After several productive months, I left in order to work as a graphic designer for a friend's advertising agency. It was ok, but fashion was still on my mind.

It was then and there that i decided to study Fashion Design, for which I choose Mariano Toledo as my mentor. I enrolled in his school in mid-2006, and turned out to be the best decision I have ever made. Rock on!

By the end of the first quarter, my design class teacher asked me to work as an assistant for her clothing brand (Deborah Reda Haute Couture). It was my first time working with fabrics, driving my scissors through tulle, silk, muslin, satin, lace and velvet. I've also developed promotional graphic elements carrying the name of the brand, in addition to coming up with different proposals for the website. We had an amazing time. We opened up her showroom, with clothes for 15-year-old girls, and we also made clothes for weddings and bat-mitzvahs.

Durante el phshoot para la inauguracion del showroom

When that stage of my life was through, and while still in school, I took a chance with my own personal endeavor: Ramiro Ramirez. This was an absolutely wonderful time in my life; I did everything - and i do mean EVERYTHING! Design, molding, image, graphic campaign, events... And because of this project, a lot of opportunities opened up. On several occasions, i dressed Dani Umpi, Cumbio and the Calefons in my own clothes. A lot of work, but also a lot of fun.

Dani Umpi en Revista Viva

Dani Umpi en Revista Viva

Dani Umpi en Suplemento Soy de Pagina 12
Cumbio por RR

Cumbio por RR
Nota en Buenos Aires Herald
The Calefons por RR. Show de Dani Umpi en ND/Ateneo

The Calefons en mi taller 
The Calefons por RR a punto de salir en el Pepsi Music

By mid-2008, while I was still a student at Mariano Toledo's School of Design, the man himself started looking for people to join his work crew (for his own brand). I was chosen to be one of such people, and I joined his team as a  model maker, a job I continued to perform for several months. We did all sorts of things: custom-made dresses, dresses for production, the preproduction of a Toledo runway show in Mexico, and Carmin Dodero's 6 o'clock tea runway show in the British Embassy, to name a few.

Towards the end of 2008, I had the opportunity to join Santana Textiles, so I applied for the job and was hired as Assistant to the Product Development Department, coordinated by Alejandro Ogando. Given that the company was new to Argentina, I had to go to Brazil with my boss for a month, during which I received a comprehensive training. On top of this, I had the opportunity to develop many of the marketing and graphic elements that the company still uses today.

Whithin Santana, I also took part in other activities, such as developing the official BAF Week (Buenos Aires Fashion Week) advertisement, participating in three editions of the trend seminar "VISIONES", and attending different trainings dealing with the textile industry at INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology)

Prototipo que hicimos con Ale Ogando para Florence Arguello. BAF Week

After 18 months of working in the Product Development Department, I was given the opportunity to put together the company's Customer Servise and Product Counseling Department, which was my job for 10 months.

PORTFOLIO Ramiro Ramirez

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VESTIDO BALEN. Diciembre 2008. Trabajo inspirado en Balenciaga y Hussein Chalayan. Material: saten mate entreletado. Detalles bondeados. Forreria en tafeta

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ABRIGO ZAHA. Julio 2008. Trabajo inspirado en la obra de la arquiteca Zaha Hadid. Material: terciopelo. Detalles bordados en cinta de organza. Forreria en tafeta.

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Moldes de tela base

Moldes de forreria y vistas

Moldes de bolso desmontable

VESTIDO FLUO. Diciembre 2008. Vestido largo con quillas y espalda deportiva. Material: jersey. Forreria en jersey

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Moldes de tela base, forreria y quilla

CHALECO PATTI. Julio 2008. Trabajo inspirado en la estrella de rock Patti Smith. Material: gabardina rasada elastizada. Forreria en tafeta.

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MOCHILECO. Marzo 2008. Trabajo inspirado en el Sidney Opera House. Material: cuero sintetico. Forreria en tafeta

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